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Forklift bogie bearings
Product Type:Non-standard four-point angular contact ball bearings
Product features: compact structure, easy to install
Withstand axial load, overturning moment, and lateral impact load at the same time
. Developed products: 119302 ,S14557,127435 S14790,QJ140,QJ8226030X4......
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Forklift sprocket bearings
Product Type: Non-Standard Ball Bearings,Non-Standard Roller Bearings
Product features: outer ring rotates and bear radial load, outer ring thickened, optimized design parameters and technology to prevent the outer ring fracture
. Maintenance-free: grease lubrication, maintenance-free bearings
. Developed products: 140105-0xxxx Series, 61HV/63HK Series, D58XXXX Series ......
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Silicone fan clutch bearing
Product Type : Deep Groove Ball Bearings,Double Row Angular Contact Bearings
Product Features: Specially designed sealing structure to prevent silicone oil penetration into the internal bearing, high temperature 200 ℃, special grease, prevent high temperature aging grease
. Developed products: AMF6007, AMF6207, AMF3206, AMF3207
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Planetary Reducer Bearings
Product Type: Deep groove ball bearings, angular contact bearings (718AC, 719AC series), double row angular contact (32, 33 series), tapered roller bearings
Product features: high rotation accuracy, low friction and heat, low noise
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Bearings for elevator traction machines
Product Type: Spherical Roller Bearing (Type E)
Product features: high load-bearing capacity: compared to the CA type (copper cage), the use of larger diameter, more number of rollers, improve the bearing capacity, bearing capacity by 10% to 20%
. Low grease leakage rate: Although the number of rollers increased, but due to the E type iron cage relative to the CA type copper cage volume significantly reduced, the remaining space inside the bearing has increased without decreasing, bearing grease leakage rate has been improved.
Developed products: BS2-2210E~BS2-2219E, BS2-2312E, 21315E
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Thin-walled cross-cylindrical roller bearings
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Thin-walled bearings of equal cross-section
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Harmonic reducer bearings
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RV reducer bearings
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