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Linear Motion Rolling Bearings
1. Characteristics of linear motion rolling bearing:
(1) Linear motion rolling bearing is made of GCr15 bearing steel, which is composed of hardened high-precision bearing base and rolling body, etc. It is installed on the guideway of machine tool and other mechanical surfaces for reciprocating linear motion. Installed on the machine tool guideway and other mechanical surfaces for reciprocating linear motion, applicable to grinding machines, precision instruments, also applicable to CNC machine tools and heavy machine tools.
(2) This bearing has the advantages of large loading capacity, low friction, low wear, good rigidity, long life, and can maintain high precision for a long time. It can reduce the weight, transmission mechanism and power consumption of the whole machine in the case of high frequency of repeated action, start and stop reciprocating motion.
(3) The rolling body of this bearing is well guided when rolling, so that the movement accuracy and positioning accuracy of the machine can be improved.
(4) The bearing has good control performance when carrying out low-speed reciprocating motion or fine adjustment, and moves lightly without creeping.
(5) This bearing is not limited by the machine bed, and the number of rolling bearings can be selected and determined according to the load values specified in the different series and types of bearings in the catalogue.
(6) After adopting this bearing, the machine tool positioning reference is of high precision, easy to assemble and adjust, easy to lubricate, simple to maintain, and more safe and reliable.
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