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Bearing Fault Diagnosis and Analysis

Date:May 13,2014

Maintenance, Check and Abnormal Handling
In order to well complete performance of bearing under good condition and maintain its use as long as possible, we should carry out maintenance and check to make sure operation reliability thereof and improve productivity and economic benefits.
In daily use, should complete regular maintenance as operation condition and standards of machinery, monitor operation state, supplement or change lubricant and examine by detachment.
When bearings operate, it is necessary to check operation sound, vibration, temperature, lubricant state, or have a detailed analysis after the bearing is detached in necessary.


Bearing Damages and Measures
In general speaking, bearings can be used until the fatigue life is ended if by a correct method, but it is impossible if having accident damages. For making a distinction with fatigue life, this kind of early damage is defined as fault or accident, commonly caused by inconsiderateness in installation, use or lubrication, entering of foreign matters or insufficient consideration to shaft and bearing block.
Damage form of bearing for example damages on bearing ring rib may be caused by insufficient lubrication, unsuitable or defective oil supply and discharge structure, entering of foreign matters, too large installation error or shaft deflection, or some comprehensive reasons.
Therefore, it is difficult to find out the true cause for damage only by checking the damaged bearing, but it is possible to prevent the same damage emerging if having a clear understanding to the machinery, use condition, peripheral structure of bearing, conditions before and after the accident or combining the damages or possible causes. Table 1 shows some representative damage cases and causes or measures. 

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