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Rolling type

Date:May 13,2014

There are varieties of rolling bearings and many classification approaches, such as radial bearings and thrust bearing in terms of loading direction; it is divided into ball bearing and roller bearings according to the rolling element type; according to the structure and special purposes, it can be divided into combining bearings and special-purposed bearings.

Normal Introduction to Rolling Bearing

1 deep groove ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearing is the most common rolling bearing with simple structure and easy use. It is mainly used to bear radial load. When enlarging the backlash, it should have certain angular contact ball bearing and can undertake radial-axial load. When the rotation speed is high and it is not suitable to use pushing ball bearings, it is available to use pure axial load.
After installing the deep groove ball bearing, it can limit the axial displacement of the axial or external shells. Therefore, it can be used as axial position. Besides, this type of bearing has certain aligning ability. It can work even though the shell hole leaning 2′-10′, and it can influence the service life of bearing. The deep groove bearing retainers are mostly steel wave punching retainers. The large bearing adopts truck metal solid retainers. Deep groove bearings are widely used in automobile, tractors, machine tools, motors, water pumps, agricultural machinery and textile machines.
In comparison with other bearings with the same size, this type of bearing has less friction coefficient, high limit speed, low noise, simple structure, easy use, and wide application, but cannot bear impact, not suitable for bearing heavy load.
Deep groove ball bearing type code: 6
2.Double-row Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Double-row deep groove ball bearing has two rows of ball rollers that are mainly used to bear bigger radial load. In comparison with other double-row bearings, this type of bearings is characterized by less friction coefficient, high limit speed, low noise, simple structure, easy use, etc.
Deep groove ball bearing type code: 0
3.Cylindrical Roller Bearing
The rolling element of cylindrical roller bearing is cylindrical roller, belongs to separate bearing. This type of bearings is very convenient in assembly and disassembly. According to the rows of cylindrical rollers, it is divided into single-row, double-row and multi-row cylindrical roller bearings. Of them, single-row cylindrical bearings are the most commonly used one. Besides, there are also single-row and double-row full capacity roller bearings and other cylindrical roller bearings. Single-row cylindrical roller bearings are classified into N-type, NU-type, NJ-type, NF-type, and NUP-type according to the flange of ferrule.
Cylindrical roller can bear great radial load. It is normally used in bearing strong radial load with strong bearing ability. In the use, it has high requirements on a strong radial degree, with higher limit rotation speed among roller bearings. According the structure of ferrule flange, it can bear a certain single-way and double-way axial load. NN-type and NNU-type double-row cylindrical roller bearing structure are compact, with strong rigidity, big bearing capacity, small deforming after bearing, which are mostly used in bearing the main axle of the machine tool. FC, FCD, and FCDP four-row cylindrical bearing can bear huge radial load, mainly used in heavy machines like rolling mills. Cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for disassembling and carrying mechanical and industrial machines of electric motors, machine tools, petroleum and rolling mills.
Cylindrical roller bearing type code: N

4 thrust cylindrical roller bearings

Axial cylindrical roller bearings from the axis of the ring, seat ring and the cylindrical roller and cage components. Axial cylindrical roller bearings can only support one-way load and a slight impact, to limit the axial displacement of shaft or housing in one direction, so you can make a simple axial positioning.

Thrust cylindrical roller bearings carrying capacity (its carrying capacity is far greater than the thrust ball bearings), axial rigidity strong, rolling element rolling roller at both ends of lines at different speeds, so that the roller raceway is inevitable slide the limits of such bearings speed than the thrust ball bearing low, usually applied to slow occasions, such as heavy machine tools, high-power marine gear box, oil rigs, vertical electrical machinery.

Thrust cylindrical roller bearing type code 8

5-aligning ball bearings

Aligning ball bearing has two steel balls, the inner ring has two raceway, outer raceway within a spherical shape, with self-aligning performance to adapt to the angular deviation between the raceway and angular motion. This kind of bearing is mainly used to bear radial load, radial load at the same time, can withstand a small amount of axial load, but generally not subject to pure axial load, the speed limit higher than the deep groove ball bearings. This kind of bearing used for the Under Load prone to bending of the double bearing shaft, and double socket hole can not guarantee strict coaxial components, the centerline of a single inner ring and outer ring centerline relative tilt shall not exceed 3 °.

Aligning ball bearing type code for a

6-aligning roller bearings

Aligning roller bearings single row and double row spherical roller and aligning ball bearings, able to adapt to the angular deviation between the raceway and the angular motion. Mainly used to bear radial load, but also able to withstand the positive and reverse the axial load, load bearing capacity is higher than aligning ball bearings.

Spherical roller bearing outer ring raceway is spherical shape in the inner ring and roller assembly between the spherical outer drum-shaped roller bearing outer ring rolled into the center of curvature of the surface, it has a self-aligning ball bearing the same aligning. When the axis forces bent or tilted leaving the inner ring centerline and the outer ring centerline relative tilt does not exceed 1 ° -2.5 °, even if the axis, the shell deflection occurs, you can also automatically adjust to not increase the burden of bearing, bearing the burden. in still work.

Aligning roller bearing bore two kinds of cylindrical bore and tapered bore. The conical bore of the taper of 1:12 or 1:30. Inner ring tapered bore bearings can be installed directly, or use the adapter sleeve, remove the tube installed in the cylinder axis. In order to strengthen the lubrication performance, can be processed in the bearing outer ring tank and three uniform hole. Cage use steel stamping cage, polyamide molding cage and copper alloy retainer.

Spherical roller bearings can withstand greater radial load, and also able to withstand a certain amount of axial load, especially suitable for work overload or vibration loads, but can not afford the pure axial load, due to the radial load capacity is suitable for heavy-duty, impact load conditions, thus aligning roller bearings are widely used in metallurgy, mill, mining, petroleum, paper, cement, pressing sugar industry.

Spherical roller bearing type code 2

7 angular contact ball bearings

Angular contact ball bearings can support radial and axial load. Work in the higher speed. The greater the contact angle, the higher the axial load carrying capacity. High precision and high-speed bearings usually take 15 °, the role of the axial force, the contact angle will increase. Single row angular contact ball bearings can only support one direction of the load will cause additional axial force in the radial load. And the only limit shaft or housing to a direction of axial displacement. If paired is installed, so that one of the bearing outer ring is relatively wide side face of wide and narrow side facing the narrow end. This will not only avoid the additional axial force, but also in the axial clearance within the shaft or housing restrictions in both directions.

Angular contact ball bearings because of the raceway of the inner and outer rings in the horizontal axis relative displacement, so it can withstand the radial load and axial load (combined load), single row angular contact ball bearings can only support one direction load, so commonly installed in pairs. Retainers are made of brass, synthetic resin, subject to individual bearing features and application conditions.

Angular contact ball bearing type code 7

8 Thrust ball bearings

Thrust ball bearings ball bearings contact angle of 90 °, belong to the separation of bearings, can be divided into a one-way thrust ball bearings, thrust ball bearing, one-way thrust ball bearings can only withstand a direction axial load, two-way thrust ball bearings can withstand axial load in both directions. They can not bear the radial load, thrust ball bearings with a cushion structure, due to the spherical shape of the mounting surface of cushion, bearing with aligning performance, can reduce installation errors. Speed ​​is high, thrust ball bearings. Thrust ball bearings are mainly used in automobiles, machine tools and other industries.

The thrust ball bearing type code of 5

9 tapered roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings, rolling element cone roller, are separable bearing, tapered inner components consisting of the inner ring with roller and cage assemblies with tapered outer components, can be installed separately, the clearance adjustment convenient, can also by Yu Ying installation, according to the number of rows of rolling element bearings, tapered roller bearings are divided into single row, double row and four row tapered roller bearings. Tapered roller bearings to bear the main radial diameter, the axial load. The load carrying capacity depends on the angle of the outer ring raceway, the larger the angle the greater the carrying capacity. Single row tapered roller bearing clearance is required adjustment in the installation, double row and four row tapered roller bearing clearance in the factory based on customer requirements is given, no user adjustments.

Tapered roller bearings have tapered inner and roll the outer ring raceway, tapered roller arranged between the two. Conical surface of the projection line together at the same point of the bearing axis. This design of tapered roller bearings particularly suitable to withstand the composite load. Most of the bearing axial composite ability is determined by the contact angle α; alpha angle increases, the higher the axial load carrying capacity.

The tapered roller bearing a lower speed limit is generally used in pairs. Widely used in automotive, mill, mining, metallurgy, plastics machinery and other industries.

The tapered roller bearing type code 3

10 thrust tapered roller bearings

Thrust tapered roller bearings, rolling element cone roller bearings, roller shaft washer and housing washer of the rib guide, to withstand the axial load capacity, one-way bearings can withstand axial load, two-way bearings can withstand a two-way compared to axial load and thrust cylindrical roller bearings, bearing capacity, relatively small slide but the speed limit.

Thrust tapered roller bearing type code 9

11 thrust angular contact ball bearings

The thrust angular contact ball bearings of nominal contact angle greater than 45 ° is less than 90 °, the main axial load, can also support radial load, the axial load is increasing with the increase of contact angle. In the thrust bearing, angular contact thrust ball bearings of the higher speed limit.

Axial angular contact ball bearing type code 56

12 Thrust Spherical Roller Bearings

Thrust-aligning roller bearing shaft washer, seat and spherical roller and cage assemblies, appear before the spherical seat raceway tune Mind. Kind of bearing axial load capacity, while the axial load can also withstand a certain amount of radial load.

Thrust Spherical Roller Bearings Type Code 2

13 needle roller bearings

Needle roller bearings with thin and long roller, radial structure is compact, especially for restricted support structure in the radial installation dimensions. Depending on the use of different occasions, can be used without inner ring bearings or needle roller and cage assemblies. Such bearings are subjected to only radial load and bearing capacity.

Needle bearing type codes for NA

14 thrust needle roller bearings

The thrust needle roller bearings separable type bearings and non-separable type bearings, separation of bearings from the raceway ring and needle roller and cage assemblies, in most cases, needle roller and cage assemblies, and the mounting surface of the shaft and housing use as a raceway, the kind of bearings under unidirectional loading, small footprint, low speed limits.

Thrust needle roller and cage assembly type code for AXK

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