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19 2020-02

The Great Wall bearing is with you side by side in the battle against "epidemic"!

At this particular time, the Great Wall is urgently returning to work and scheduling production in a timely manner to ensure the safety of the company and its employees. Reassure society and customers!     No winter is insurmountable.     There isn't a spring that won't come.     CSC will fight the good fight with Wuhan and with China before spring arrives.     Welcome the victory over the epidemic with a smile!
01 2014-04

Elevator Event - Shanghai Gathering!

The 2013 China International Elevator (Shanghai) Exhibition, jointly sponsored by China Elevator Industry Association, Machinery Industry Federation and Electromechanical Products Circulation Association, and organized and undertaken by the Organizing Committee of Elevator Expo Shanghai, was held on June 10-12, 2013 at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (Cao Bao Road 88). This exhibition has the great support from Germany, India, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Iran and other international elevator industry organizations. Our company organized personnel to participate in this exhibition, and attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen to visit and inquire.
08 2015-10

Experiencing Industry 4.0 - Remembering the 2015 German International Exhibition for Assembly, Automation and Handling (Motek)

The 34th German International Trade Fair for Assembly, Automation and Handling (MTEK) kicked off on October 5, 2015 at the Stuttgart International Trade Fair Center in Stuttgart, Germany, and Changshu Great Wall Bearing Co. (CSC) sent a marketing team consisting of Wang Zhiliang, vice president in charge of production, technical quality, head of the technical center, and members of the foreign trade group to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition combined advanced technologies such as transmission technology, logistics and handling technology, and various industrial processes to provide solutions for production. The areas of exhibitors included automation technology, assembly technology, robotics, transport and handling technology, connectivity technology, and the use of the latest technologies.
01 2016-04

CCMT2016 Show Recommendations

CCMT2016 Exhibition Promotion The 9th China CNC Machine Tool Fair (CCMT2016) will be held as scheduled on April 11-15, 2016 in Shanghai New International Expo Center.   This exhibition has received positive responses from more than 1,200 domestic and foreign enterprises including more than 20 countries and regions, among which the star-studded international well-known enterprises are too numerous to mention. The exhibition is on a grand scale, with the exhibition area reaching a record high of 120,000 square meters. The scope of exhibits covers metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, special processing machine tools, flexible processing unit, automatic production line, control system and automatic components, and the latest technology and equipment.
17 2016-04

The company launched "Young Volunteers in Action" activity in the month of volunteer activities

CSC Youth Volunteers in Action" activity in volunteer month When the CSC youth volunteers arrived at the scheduled meeting place on Fangta East Street, they saw that the street was crowded with people and very lively. The goods sold were clothes, gloves, scarves, toys, balloons, etc. collected by Liu Shui Qin Chuan Volunteer Club, which attracted the citizens to donate their love and care! The young people who participated in the charity sale were also active in promoting the spirit of volunteerism.  In order to better promote the spirit of volunteerism, the young volunteers who participated in the sale also actively promoted
15 2017-05

The company's Youth League Committee participated in the project evaluation meeting of "bright youth commitment development efficiency as" the Economic and Information Commission system "youth efficiency action".

    In the afternoon of May 10, the company Youth League Committee to participate in the Economic and Information Commission organized by the organization of the "bright youth commitment show efficiency as the" Economic and Information Commission system "youth and efficiency action" project evaluation meeting. Young people in the name of the Communist Youth League, bright youth commitment, show efficiency as a gift to the 95th anniversary of the founding of the League. By the letter committee party committee leadership, the group municipal committee leadership, by the letter committee system related enterprise party organization responsible person in charge, group organization responsible person, youth backbone, by the letter committee organ all youth cadres to participate in the conference. On-site 12 judges from the project topic selection, implementation process, effect, follow-up management, live demonstration 5 aspects of the project to score.     Changshu Great Wall Bearing Company Limited Youth Youth League Committee Project--Robotic Automation System                 My company robot automation system project won the third prize in the evaluation meeting of the project "youth efficiency action" of the system of the Economic and Information Commission.   The leadership of the Party Committee of the Economic and Information Technology Commission commented on the project, he said: "Each 'youth efficiency' project is very 'new', closely following the general direction of the development of the current industrial economy intelligence and information technology, these projects are also very 'Real', which fits the actual needs of enterprise operation and hits the difficulties and pains of enterprise production. Through these projects we see not only the quantitative improvement, but also the depth of the general system youth to enterprise development thinking, the unremitting efforts of enterprise innovation, which is the best interpretation and inheritance of the new period of youth to the spirit of May 4."   At the same time he also put forward the expectations to the majority of the Commission system youth, hope that the youth do not forget the original heart, listen to the Party and follow the Party; diligent study, practice skills long talent; serve the overall situation, dare to innovate and take responsibility, let the struggle of youth become the thick bottom color of life, inherit the "May Fourth" fire, carry forward the "May Fourth" spirit, with practical service enterprise transformation and upgrading, innovation boost economic quality and efficiency, to achieve smart growth, build exquisite city, building "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new Changshu to contribute youth power, write a youth chapter.          For more information, please follow the microsite below.
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